Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Desk tidies

Desk tidies are a great gifts - a useful gift which they will likely see every day.  Obviously these can be gifts for men or women, but if you have a particularly hard-to-buy for man in your life, these might well be a good idea.

I bought this Rubik's Cube pen pot for my husband and have stashed away this Lego art carousel for my son for Christmas.
I have a lot of cool geeky men in my life, so I am also looking carefully at this cassette tape tidy and fantastic Tetris desk set for brothers, friends, and Secret Santa gifts at the office.  

These sharpeners are adorable. Totes adorbs.  Adorballs, one might say. 

I'm also quite smitten with these wooden desk organisers.  They both look beautiful.  They would both be good gifts for men or women, I think - kind of classic and unisex.


There are also, of course, more feminine desktop organisers out there.  I'll be honest, I'm looking at these for me, really.  They might make it out the door to someone else if I'm feeling very generous or am temporarily incapacitated.  The white wooden desk tidy in particular has caught my eye, although the metal lacework in a close second.

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