Monday, 4 November 2013

Sticky notes

Look at this.  Immediately.

It is the cutest set of mini sticky notes ever. In their own little case!  And so cheap at £2.80 and free shipping.

Any stationery addict you know (which is everyone, let's face it) is going to love finding one of these in their stocking this Christmas. Don't buy them all, people, I haven't finished placing my order yet.

Saturday, 2 November 2013

In-trays and document sorters

Letter trays make me feel really organised.  I love the feeling of every piece of paper having a predetermined home...all you have to do is slot it in.

I use three wire mesh trays upstairs in my home office for current paperwork to do with my business, much like these.

One for receipts, one for copies of outgoing invoices, and one for contracts. I probably need more. I almost certainly need more, right?  Part of me reeeeeallly wants to have floor to ceiling document sorters in my home office, but I wonder if it might be slightly too much. Plus, I don't strictly speaking need quite that many slots for bits of paper.  Yet.

I'm also tempted by this acrylic multi-depth letter sorting system. It looks like it would organise all my problems out of existence just by sitting on my desk.

These other clear trays are similar but on a more appropriate scale for my home office. Petite and bijou.

I am currently musing about whether I should use letter sorters for my household paperwork. At the moment I just have an in-pile consisting of letters from school, catalogues I keep meaning to look at, bills that need attention, and so on...the shame of it! For household stuff I prefer a friendly, less-businesslike feel, so I'm looking at these for inspiration.